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We accept several different types of material in our landfill for a small fee.
We do not accept household trash.
The following accepted materials:
Brush Wood chips
Compost Dirt
Rock Concrete
For more information about our Landfill usage at Rockridge Quarry, what we accept, and our prices, please contact us at +1 (816) 926-0300

Our disposal fees are determined by:

Brush and Compost
Pickup Truck Load   Per load
Single axle truck 12 cubic yards Per load
Tandem axle truck 20 Cubic yards Per load
Tractor trailer Up to 26' Per load
Tandem brush truck with boom 25 Cubic yards Per load
Extra charges in brush disposal
Stump, over 3' base of tree Each
Concrete, asphalt or excessive % of dirt in load Per load
Car or truck tires Each
Dirt Disposal
Pickup Per load
Single axle Per load
Tandem axle Per load
Tractor trailer Per load
Wood Chips
Single axle truck 12 Cubic yards Per load
Extra charge per cubic yard for quantities over
specified amounts.
Rock, Concrete and Asphalt for Recycling
Pickup Per load
Single axle Per load
Tandem Axle Per load
Trailer Per load
Extra charge for loads mixed with excessive dirt
or for dirt disposal.
* Trash, dirt or heavy rebar (trailer load) Per load
Heavy, thick concrete (trailer load) Per load
* Trash shall be defined as construction materials or items other than dirt, rock, concrete or asphalt removals which have become attached to such removal items in it's original placement. Trash does not include tires, lumber, furniture, or household garbage. Damon Pursell Construction Company reserves the right to refuse any load at it's discretion.

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